Vest Extenders - Made in USA

Vest Extenders - Made in USA

Made with pride by those who ride! Look no further for high quality, American made vest extenders that will last for years.


  • Fits all standard large size snaps
  • Made in USA
  • Made with genuine top grain leather grown and tanned in the USA

*Note women's style is reversed to fit women's style vests

Leather vests are a classic look for any biker. Vests easily replace full-body leather jackets in the summer and help keep your skin safe from the wind and sun. A well-fitting vest can help you look good and feel great as you cruise down the highway.

Vest extenders help adjust the size of your vest and keep you comfortable at all times. If you want to accessorize with vest extender chains or snaps, you can find a wide selection from Daniel Smart Manufacturing. We can help you get all the gear you need at an affordable price.

Benefits of Motorcycle Vest Extenders

Motorcycle vest extenders are connected by chains and attach to the existing snaps of your vest. They help keep your vest closed when you ride. You can also use vest extenders to wear your vest over a jacket in the wintertime.

Vest extenders allow more airflow around the torso as well. More wind can help you stay cool on warmer days while still being protected by your leather outerwear.

We have a combination of chain and leather vest extenders for a comfortable and secure fit. Our extenders fit all standard large snaps, and we have plenty of unique choices to give you the freedom to select what matches your personality.

Styles for All Occasions

Our inclusive inventory has something for everyone. Whether you want a small charm to add detail to your vest or something to set you apart, you can find it with Daniel Smart Manufacturing.

Feeling comfortable and looking good go hand-in-hand when you're on the road. As you're cruising on your bike, you want to make sure you've got apparel that's both stylish and practical. Female biker shirts combine fashion and convenience into one neat package.

We have choices that are:

  • Subtle: If you want a dainty charm rather than something distracting, our silver butterfly extenders are a great option.
  • Tough: The flame extenders pair well with the biker aesthetic. They also complement other accessories such as headwraps or helmets.
  • Colorful: If you want an eye-catching addition to your gear, our neon green extender is a great way to stand out everywhere you go.

Why Choose Us?

Daniel Smart Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for all motorcycle apparel and accessories. We carry high-quality gear to keep you safe and stylish while you're on the road. Our products are created from scratch to ensure every step results in a lasting product.

We offer lifetime warranties on each order to support our dedication to quality. If you decide you'd like a different size or style, we make exchanges and returns easy. We are here to make sure you're beyond satisfied with every purchase.

Order online today and get free shipping on qualifying orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Shop with us today! 

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