Sling & Thigh Bags

Sling & Thigh Bags

You want to keep your personal items safe while riding. You also don’t want them weighing you down. When convenience, security and comfort matter, trust the wide range of motorcycle bags available from Daniel Smart Manufacturing.

Order any of our men’s or women’s bags to keep your favorite stuff safe on your travels. Built to stay in place for your longest rides, they give you the freedom you want when you hit the open road.

Types of Bags for Riding

You might not think of your personal bag as a type of luggage, but it is. The right bag contains everything you need for a carefree day on your bike. From typical wallet items to your cell phone and portable charger, your bag keeps everything protected from wind and weather.

Some of our bestselling motorcycle bags for men and women include:

  • Thigh and hip bags: When you want your bag to sit comfortably on your body, reach for a guys’ or ladies’ motorcycle thigh or hip bag. Thigh bags tend to hold more than flatter types of bags. Plus, they offer the perfect size pouch bag for bikers. Many models include a universal holster pocket as well.
  • Sling bags: A sling bag sits a little flatter than a thigh or hip pouch. Though sling bags can look deceptively simple, the bags we sell have enough room for plenty of your belongings, and they can be worn several different ways depending on your preferences — even under a coat, sweater, shirt or jacket.

Riding Bag Fabrics

As you look through the bags for bikes at Daniel Smart Manufacturing, you’ll see several types of fabrics. Two of the top customer options include leather and microfiber.

Leather bags will become softer the longer you wear them, just like leather jackets, gloves or boots. If you’re willing to give them a little TLC now and then, you can expect them to last for years. After all, they’re designed to take the wear that comes from all-weather riding.

Microfiber bags provide you with a different look and feel than leather. Offered in different colors, they’re water-resistant, which makes them perfect for biking adventures in the rain or snow.

Why Buy Bags for Biking?

Could you ride without a special biker bag? Sure, but you’re not going to get the benefits that come when you count on a microfiber or leather motorcycle bag.

  • Streamlined silhouette: Forget about the danger and annoyance of a bulky bag that takes up room or constantly moves around. Biker bags from Daniel Smart Manufacturing are engineered to fit against your body and reduce that annoying — and risky — flapping.
  • All-around protection: Your items aren’t safe when they’re in your coat or back pocket. Keep everything you need on you at all times with a bag that delivers performance and peace of mind.
  • Good looks: Does style matter? Of course! That’s why you want to pick a men’s or women’s motorcycle hip bag, pouch bag or sling bag for fashion as well as function. A great bag made for bikers will deliver both.

Add a biker bag to your shopping cart today, and be sure to check out our other motorcycle must-haves. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders!

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