3/4 Shell Helmets

3/4 Shell Helmets

D.O.T. Approved 3/4 Shell Helmets (Cruiser)

The Slim Line Daytona Helmets Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets Are One Of The World's Smallest & Lightest D.O.T. Approved 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmets Ever Made!! With 3 Different Shell Sizes, You Are Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit!! New!!! Slim Line Design Offering A Sleek, Contoured Shell That Hugs Your Head Eliminating The Mushroom Look! Custom Formed Interior For X-treme Comfort.

What Is a 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet?

The 3/4 biker helmet stands out because it has more of an open face than other helmets. This helmet protects the back and sides of your head with complete coverage. Yet this helmet leaves an opening for your face, giving you that "wind on my cheeks" feel.

Spend one day on the road, and you'll see many types of motorcycle helmets. If you're a biker club member, chances are good that you know everyone prefers a specific kind of helmet. Try the 3/4 design to see if it could be your favorite.

Some bikers like to have a 3/4 motorcycle helmet available for warm-weather rides or rides along smooth roads.

What Are the Benefits of 3/4 Biker Helmets?

Open-face, 3/4 biker helmets that meet and exceed D.O.T. Safety Standards offer several advantages for riders:

  • Sleek, no-frills engineering that gives your face more room to breathe than a traditional helmet
  • Sturdy construction that provides reliability ride after ride
  • Removable visor to add face protection as desired
  • Contemporary, stand-out "cruiser" appearance

Buy a 3/4 Face Helmet for Men or Women From Smart Daniel Manufacturing

As you look through our inventory of exceptional 3/4 biker helmets, you'll notice that they come in plenty of sizes. This makes the 3/4 shell helmet a perfect fit for just about any rider, male and female.

Have questions about open-face helmets or any of the products you'll find with us? Our team is happy to help. Call 1-877-SMART-10 to talk with one of our representatives. You may also find it helpful to read customer reviews to find the ideal 3/4 biker helmet for your needs.

When you're ready to check out, add your 3/4 face helmet to your shopping cart and complete your order. Enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders.

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