Hair Tubes

Hair Tubes

Spandex Hair Tubes are the easiest, most comfortable to use hair protection available today. Dazzling rhinestones pick up every color of the rainbow and sparkle like diamonds. This stunning effect must be seen to be appreciated!

Spandex Hair Tubes will hold in thick, thin, or fine slippery hair. Extremely well made in the USA, this is what every biker chick or guy has been looking for!

Biker Hair Wraps

Bikers and long hair might go together, but motorcycle riders sporting long locks donít want their hair to end up in a big mess at the end of a long ride. Thatís where biker ponytail holders and wraps come into the picture.

With a biker hair wrap, such as a spandex hair tube, your long hair will stay in place no matter how fast or far you go. Stop torturing your hair with combs and brushes that canít do much with your after-ride matted mess. Instead, arrive anywhere looking sleek and pulled-together with biker ponytail wraps from Daniel Smart Manufacturing.

How Does a Hair Tube Work?

If youíre new to using hair tubes to protect your ponytail, youíll love these cool devices. It doesnít take any fancy training to learn how to use one, either. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Secure your long hair in one or two ponytails at the back of your head. Low ponytails work well, especially under a helmet with or without a bandana.
  • Put your hand up into the bottom of the hair tube. The spandex material accommodates just about any arm size.
  • Grab your ponytail at the top, right where itís secured together with your elastic band.
  • Pull the ponytail back through and out of the tube.
  • Clip the manual or magnetic barrette into place above the elastic.
  • Hop on your bike, knowing your hair will stay in place!

Is a Biker Ponytail Holder for Both Guys and Gals?

Yes! Many of the patterns of our hair tubes and mag tubes could be unisex.

Although ladies do tend to appreciate our functional leather and spandex hair wraps for motorcycle riding, guys find them pretty useful too. These classic hair tubes and wraps can handle ponytails of up to 10 inches long, so feel comfortable picking the one that compliments your style.

Can a Biker Ponytail Wrap Be Worn Anywhere?

After wearing your leather biker ponytail wrap out on a ride, youíll be hooked on how awesome it is. But can you wear it anywhere, such as to work or for a night out? Of course!

Every hair tube we offer is ready to go the distance, just like you are. Wear it proudly any time you want to keep your hair in place ó or just throw it on when you want that biker look. You donít have to be on your motorcycle to look the part.

Buy Hair Wraps and Other Biking Accessories

At Daniel Smart Manufacturing, weíre "the smart choice" for all your biker needs. With accessories like hair tubes and wallet chains as well as bigger gear like helmets, we offer items you canít find anywhere else. Plus, our prices are some of the best in the business.

Browse our site to find sales and specials on tons of biking must-haves, and be sure to stop by our online store for holiday gift-giving, too. We always offer free shipping on orders of $25 or above, and we back everything we sell with a 30-day guarantee. You also get easy, hassle-free returns and exchanges.

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