Wherever you see bikers, you’re bound to see bandanas. In fact, most bikers have several bandanas they can wear depending on their mood, the ride length and even the weather.

Without a doubt, bandanas are perfect for any biker of any age — including young bikers-to-be riding on the back or in a sidecar! Any furry friends who ride along might appreciate one too.

If you’re itching to find a new bandana for your collection or to give as a gift, check out the wide assortment of bandanas available at Daniel Smart Manufacturing. Our bandanas run the gamut in terms of sizes, fabrics and designs, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect.

Why Use a Bandana for Motorcycle Riding?

You might be surprised to realize that bandanas have tons of uses as biker accessories. Check out the following ways that a bandana comes in handy on any ride.

  • It provides a barrier between your head and helmet: Is this important? You bet. Many riders prefer having the soft fabric of a 100% cotton or 50-50 cotton material bandana between them and the inside of their helmets — this is particularly true for riders who shave their heads and want to avoid chafing. Plus, the bandana will soak up any excess perspiration, leaving the inside of the helmet less prone to developing odors.
  • It keeps your head from getting too hot or cool: Riding with a helmet can feel pretty hot, even on cooler days. A biker bandana wicks sweat away from the skin, keeping it at a more comfortable temperature for the ride.
  • It sits below the helmet: Do you have bangs or longer hair that you want to keep in place during your ride? Your bandana can help tame those wild locks as you cruise down the road or highway, keeping your hair from getting in your face. Oh, and “helmet hair?” A thing of the past with the right bandana.
  • It can provide you with a cleanup rag, just in case: Life on the road can get a little dirty at times. You might need a rag to mop up splatter from a mud puddle or just wipe off your machine. No worries — you have an extra bandana in your pocket, right?
  • It can be worn over your face: Not every rider uses a bandana as a head covering. Some of them like to wear bandanas as face masks while they’re riding. The bandana effectively keeps dirt, sand, dust and bugs from flying into your mouth or impacting your skin.
  • It cleans up well: So you got your bandana messy. That’s not a problem! All our bandanas are machine washable. Just toss them into the laundry and they’ll come out looking great.
  • It looks cool: Okay, looks matter. There, we said it. Everyone wants to say that bandanas are more function than fashion, but that’s not always true. Wearing an American flag bandana while riding makes a bold statement. So does sporting a pink bandana with skulls. Put your personality on display!

Buy a Motorcycle Bandana — or Three

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat about our biker bandanas — they’re priced right. We want you to be able to buy as many high-quality bandanas as you need. And if your order hits the magic $25 number, we’ll throw in free shipping too. 

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