Polo Style Helmets

Polo Style Helmets

D.O.T. Approved Hawk "Polo Style" Helmets

The Slim Line Daytona Helmets D.O.T. Hawk Motorcycle Helmets Are One Of The World's Smallest & Lightest D.O.T. Approved 1/2 Shell Motorcycle Helmets Ever Made!! New!!! Slim Line Design Offering A Sleek, Contoured Shell That Hugs Your Head Eliminating The Mushroom Look! Custom Formed Interior For X-treme Comfort.

The polo style biker helmet's cool, contemporary look has made it a favorite in recent years. If you're interested in buying a helmet that's streamlined and safe, trust Daniel Smart Manufacturing to have the best options available.

Our goal has always been to offer you biker helmets that meet and exceed the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Safety Standards. These polo style helmets are no exception. You can feel confident choosing one that matches your riding type and personality.

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What Characterizes a Polo Style Motorcycle Helmet?

As you can tell from seeing other riders, the market is filled with many different helmet styles. What makes the polo helmet stand out?

Foremost, a polo style biker helmet mimics the shape of a human head. This helmet is form-fitting, just like the polo helmets worn while playing the sport. A polo riding helmet also has a bit of a lower lip in the back. That way, it gives you added protection along your upper neck.

A final characteristic of the polo style helmet is its slight lip in front. This lip helps shield your upper face from sun and rain. When paired with sunglasses or goggles, the polo helmet makes an eye-catching and fully protective choice.

Advantages of Buying a Polo Style Biker Helmet

Maybe you're looking for a new helmet to wear all the time, or perhaps you want a backup helmet for special rides. Whatever your needs, consider the polo style biker helmet as a possibility.

The following are some of the benefits customers appreciate about polo style helmets.

  • The helmet is discreet and slim, making it less bulky and more intuitive in appearance.
  • The helmet weighs less than full face models, making it a sleek, lightweight option.
  • This helmet has a youthful, modern appeal while maintaining first-rate protective qualities.
  • It can be worn with other accessories, such as gaiters and shields during inclement weather.

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At Daniel Smart Manufacturing, we want to help you make the best decisions for all your biking needs. Get high-quality products at reasonable prices from our extensive online catalog.

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