Do you bring your child with you on your bike rides? If their feet reach the passenger footrests in a car or they have outgrown their car seat, they are old enough to ride with you on your bike. Sharing the joys of your favorite hobby with a child creates an opportunity for bonding like none other.

Daniel Smart Manufacturing has the gear you need to get your child ready to ride. We make our leather motorcycle vests and jackets in small sizes to fit kids, and we maintain the same commitment to quality that we show with our adult gear.

Why Buy Kids Motorcycle Jackets and Vests?

If you take your child with you on a ride, you want them to be protected. Leather jackets and vests are great for keeping riders of any size comfortable while on the road. Kids can stay warm during the winter with our leather jackets, and they'll feel cooler during the summer with a lightweight denim vest. Our heavy-duty gear also provides protection if you fall on the bike or get in an accident. Other reasons to consider our kids' motorcycle jackets and vests include:

  • Looking great: Kids enjoy looking their best too, and they'll have a sleek, put-together look when they wear our leather jackets or motorcycle vests.
  • Maximizing versatility: Children can wear our gear both on and off the bike, such as at school or while hanging out with friends.
  • Encouraging the hobby: Kids who invest in their own motorcycle riding gear or receive it as a gift are more likely to stick with the hobby. They will already have a head start on what they need to keep riding later in life, making family motorcycle trips a possibility.

Find Leather Biker Vests and Denim Motorcycle Vests for Kids

Deciding what type of vest or jacket your child wants may be the most challenging part. We sell numerous types to maximize comfort, and you can find side-lace vests as well as traditional fits. Pick from M/C style and traditional jackets as well.

Daniel Smart Manufacturing Sells the Gear You Want

We know what motorcycle riders like because we've been in the business for almost 30 years, and we understand what you want from our gear. Our products offer excellent protection and outstanding style on top of a lifetime warranty. You get free shipping on qualifying orders, and we have easy exchanges and returns. Browse our kids' leather jackets and vests, then place your order with us today to get your whole family ready for the road. 

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