“The Smart Choice!”

Our Facilities


Located in Baltimore, MD., are the Distribution centers and hub for all shipments and customer service needs. Both facilities are approx. 75,000 square feet, with climate control and high-class garment hanging system. These facilities are staffed with true professionals to ensure that all of the customers need are met, and ensure we have the best Standard Operating Procedures within the facilities to maintain an organized and efficient environment.

Factory & Tanning Facilities:

Located in Pakistan, is our top-notch Factories where all of our leather, denim, gloves and luggage are produced for Daniel Smart Manufacturing Inc. These facilities have the highest quality machinery and staff to ensure each piece produced has the same high level of expertise and craftsmanship. Our techniques have been passed down through the years and are proven to produce a quality end product. We have five facilities all staffed with excellent employees whom are the best in their field.