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SBO-03-01 AHHH...™ - S-BINER

SBO-03-01 AHHH...™ - S-BINER | Wallet Chains/Key Leash

SBO-03-01 AHHH...™ - S-BINER

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Like our classic S-Biner, both ends of the S-Biner Ahhh feature sturdy gate closures, making it a multifunctional carabiner that you can use to attach and carry keys, water bottles, and camping gear; hang lanterns and lights; or clip two items together. But we didn't name this little puppy the "Ahhh" for nothing - both ends function as bottle openers, too. That means that when you carry the S-Biner Ahhh wherever you go, you'll always be able to pop open a bottle of your favorite beverage, making you the envy of thirsty people everywhere.


  • Available in Black only
  • High quality stainless steel construction for durability and functionality.
  • Store valuables on one end, clip with the other
  • Dimensions: 3.18" x 1.76" x 0.28" | 80.95mm x 44.73mm x 7.32mm
  • Weight: 1.16oz | 33.00g


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