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4511 Leather Conditioner 4.2 Oz. Tube

4511 Leather Conditioner 4.2 Oz. Tube | Leather Cleaners

4511 Leather Conditioner 4.2 Oz. Tube

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Protect your saddlery and other leather riding gear with Oakwood's Leather Conditioner.

This unique leather dressing cream uses a balanced mix of waxes and oils including lanolin, beeswax, emu oil, tea tree and eucalyptus oils to soften and intensely rehydrate leather items while actively repelling moisture and stains.

When used regularly as part of a complete leather care system, this product helps maintain and improve the resiliency and durability of all your leather riding gear, ensuring it stays in quality condition for years to come.

Suitable for leather saddles, tack accessories, riding boots and shoes including exotic leathers.


Step 1: Remove all fittings and buckles.
Step 2: Wipe down leather surfaces with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt, dust, hair or moisture.
Step 3: Apply an even layer of conditioner to the entire surface with an applicator or soft cloth.
Step 4: Apply conditioner to tooling areas and crevices with a paint brush to ensure even coverage.
Step 5: Allow the ingredients to penetrate leather for 5-10 minutes then buff leather with a soft cloth. Note: After initial application, regularly re-apply leather conditioner to moisturize and maintain the leather’s natural luster.


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